Another Year, Another Anniversary

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Happy 7th birthday, blog.

10,000 Views for Dark Realm…

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Last view count for Black Chaos (old address): 160,000 views as of July, 2010.

View count for Dark Realm (new address): 10,000 views.

… Yay?

Aqua Timez – ‘Tegami Henshin’ Tracklist

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'Tegami Henshin' Digital Single Cover

Title: 手紙返信; Tegami Henshin
Type: Digital Single
Release Date: April 2, 2014


  1. |L|E| 手紙返信; Tegami Henshin

*L = Lyric, E = English translation
-info taken from

Chaos Legion – Prologue (part 1)

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Chaos Legion Book #1 – Chaos Legion

'Chaos Legion' Novel Cover

The Compilation of
A Crusade Against Evil Force

by Ubukata Tou
Illustrations by Yuiga Satoru

Translated by DevilHunter Kurosaki

<< Chaos Legion Book #1 – Chaos Legion
The Sacred History. Memories, and the Beginning
part 1

— Page 7 —

To call them ‘comrade’ would’ve been too distant.

Their birthplace and upbringing were different. Even the way they think and feel were different.

  • History of the Sacred Glyphs Year 770: The successor for Lacroix Church, Victor Delacroix, was born.

However, just by being with that person, his joy doubled. His sorrow halved.

They’ve shared their joy and sorrow with each other.

  • History of the Sacred Glyphs Year 771: In a frontier city of northern continent, Sieg was born.

“The Lord, again asked the impure soul. —What is thy name?”

— Page 8 —

A passage of the scripture—together with the destiny of Schwart Ritter, the chill feeling had settled on his shoulder. His sword had become something to be relied upon. It was no longer a sword for ceremonial purpose.

“He said in answer—”

The clear voice paused at that point. The arrangement was that the answer were to be spoken by the one being ordained.

It was the last ritual of the investiture ceremony for becoming a knight.

Raising only his face while kneeling, the radiant smile of the sword-wielding silver-haired young noble came into his sight.

Facing the man that he called friend, whose social status and prestige differed too much from his own,

“‘Legion’—we are, for we are many.”

The red-haired soldier said.

  • History of the Sacred Glyphs Year 772: The beginning of a mutiny toward Sacred Law Agency in northern continent, seven frontier cities collapsed. Sieg, rescued by the hands of refuges, left the city.

“Upon Sieg Wahrheit, we bestow the title of Schwart Ritter!”

The silver-haired young noble announced in a loud voice. Then, after the corps commanders and the investiture ceremony’s guest of honor, the sacred king, a quiet yet clear applause of approval was delivered from the only female attendant.

— Page 9 —

The sword was lifted from the kneeling red-haired soldier.

The icy, dignified hilt of a sword crafted from mithril was clutched in the hand of the newly-appointed knight.

Indulgencia—exempting murder as sacred sin, it was a sword that bestowed upon the wielder the right and duty to execute adversaries of Sacred Law Agency based on individual judgement.

Right then, the newly-knighted red-haired young man rose with grace, bringing the sword into formal stance, and a round of great applause occurred among the predictably small number of attendants. However—

“My sword was yours from long ago. Even if it wasn’t a grandiose sword… Delacroix.”

The discontented murmur spilled from the mouth of the red-haired knight, and the silver-haired young noble smiled bitterly.

“At this time now, your so-called legion has really been formed. The Legion serves as an army just by itself. Pay a little attention to your posture, Sieg. Look, you’re being smiled at by Siela.”

When he was told of this his gaze turned at the sole female attendant, who was sending a bright smile as her hands clapped. Nevertheless, at the side of the astonished red-haired knight,

“With the three of us, let’s bring change.”

The silver-haired young noble murmured calmly.

“The three of us will change the world for sure.”

— Page 10 —

  • History of the Sacred Glyphs Year 773: Lacroix Church, due to its meritorious service in suppressing mutiny, came into possession of the new northern territory. Some of the refuges from the destroyed cities settled down in Gounod Canyon.

“Listen. To get rid of conflicts, we also have to save the enemies.”

Who on earth was this man, to utter such outrageous thing very calmly?—

Numbed by the shock and deeply moved, it was at that moment that the lone gladiator’s destiny changed.

“My name is Victor Delacroix.”

The man extended his hand. If he was a noble, he was expected to hate coming into contact with the gladiator himself.

“For me, you are certainly indispensable. You are someone who, all alone, possesses the ability to summon Legion that rivals all armies.”

  • History of the Sacred Glyphs Year 784, June: The successor for Lacroix Church Victor Delacroix’s first battle as a Sacred Knight cadet—at fifteen years of age.
  • History of the Sacred Glyphs Year 784, July: Sieg of Gounod Canyon’s first battle as a gladiator—at fourteen years of age.

“You’re expected to be the king of all people.”

That man said.

— Page 11 —

“If I take the Elysium, it is to cast it aside. Do you realize, Sieg?”

“You accept it into your hands… for the sake of casting it aside? Delacroix?”

“That’s right. By looking at the empty throne, I hope people will realize for sure that they are kings of their own lives. The era of control has passed, it’s the beginning of the era of independence and arbitration.”

“Eliminating conflicts, by making everyone king… your dream is truly extravagant.”

The man, expressing a carefree smile that asked to be make fun of, placidly nodded his head in agreement.

  • History of the Sacred Glyphs Year 786, February: Victor Delacroix officially became a member of the Knights of the Church. Among the list of subordinates, the swordsman Sieg’s name could be seen.

Birthplace and upbringing were irrelevant. It was all the bond called ideal—so he was glad to just believe.

It was until one lone woman, who caused the deadly fissure to run.

  • History of the Sacred Glyphs Year 786, December: Siela Riviere of the Maiden of the Silver assumed the position of chief healer.

When he woke up, there was a woman. On her chest, exerting a feel of sacredness, was the crest of the Maiden of the Silver.

<< Chaos Legion Book #1 – Chaos Legion
The Sacred History. Memories, and the Beginning
part 1

Chaos Legion © CAPCOM

-DON’T repost without permission and proper credit-

An Update on Translation Progress…

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I’m feeling hopeful that I’ll be able to finish the second part before the New Year.

Dark Realm’s Sixth Birthday…

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How time flies.

Aqua Timez – ‘EDEN’ Tracklist

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'EDEN' Single Cover

Title: エデン; EDEN
Type: Single
Release Date: November 27, 2013
Oricon Chart Peak: #22


  1. |L|E| エデン; EDEN
  2. |L|E| クランベリージャム; KURANBERIIJAMU/Cranberry Jam
  3. |L|E| The FANtastic Journey
  4. |L|E| エデン (LITTLE PARADE session); EDEN (LITTLE PARADE session)
  5. |L|E| エデン (Instrumental); EDEN (Instrumental)

*L = Lyric, E = English translation
-info taken from &


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